recent jibes // 160309

It was not too long ago that I remember feeling self-conscious. "I thought I was being as Dylanesque as I could impossibly be", or so I thought. And there I was mentally murdering idiotic, shallow dickwads (or so I thought) over some recent sudden whiplashes thrown at my general direction. Fucking shot my balls off and made me think twice over what key to hit next. But that only lasted for a number of seconds. Might have been a few, might have been a few thousand. Just don't ask me to remember. My head is clouded with too many things to even rationalize whether to drink OJ or hot milo.

Lately I have been so insanely busy that half of the time I'm just sitting, frozen in time, not knowing what to do while at the same time fully acknowledging the uber long list of to-do, to-post, to-edit, to-email, ad nauseam ad infinitum. Quite stupid, I know.