Busy Bee

Why I've been MIA and why my posts are getting lesser and a notch more boring:

- blogging for Laundry Bar, Republic Bar and The Apartment
- organizing events at Lepaq Performing Arts Cafe
- snapping photos for Bunkface's shows
- shopping for furniture and packing stuff to move houses
- etc and etc and etc

And those are the "big" ones, I haven't even included the tiny nonsenses in between. Not blogging often means either I'm super busy or I have terrible time management. I think both applies just as well for me. I have so many things going on now I can't even sit down for a minut to think about what to blog. And this is me forcing myself to write this completely inane post before I've to rush off.

Macam lah masalah negara kalau aku tak blog kan. Kecoh ah aku ni.

There's so many things to write about that I hope and hope and hope I'll find the time to really glue my ass on the seat and write till the next morning. Till next time.

Family Matters

Two men, one American and an Indian were sitting in a bar drinking shot after shot. The Indian man said to the American, "You know my parents are forcing me to get married to this so called homely girl from a village whom I haven't even met once. We call this arranged marriage. I don't want to marry a woman whom I don't love... I told them that openly and now have a hell lot of family problems."

The American said, "Talking about love marriages... I'll tell you my story".

"I married a widow whom I deeply loved and dated for 3 years."

"After a couple of years, my father fell in love with my step-daughter and so my father became my son-in-law and I became my father's father-in-law. Legally now my daughter is my mother and my wife my grandmother."

"More problems occurred when I had a son. My son is my father's brother and so he is my uncle. Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my father's son i.e. my brother is my grandson."

"Ultimately, I have become my own grand father and I am my own grandson."

"And you say you have family problems?!"

"Gimme a break!"


My new favourite local act, Sundae.
Watch, listen, and prepare to be utterly mesmerized.

Spontaneous Equations at 5am

She was sleeping when I called her. She woke up, and of all the fifty over songs in her playlist, Placebo's This Picture was playing. The call was exactly 13 minutes long and ended at 5.04am on 26-3-08.

Half of 26 is 13.
5 is after 4.
Half of 6 is 3.
The sum of 2 and 6 is 8.

Among those numbers there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. There's no number 7. Placebo's This Picture is the 7th song in my playlist that's currently playing. I called her for the first time after we made the deal to not contact each other at 1.42am. There's no number 3. In the "13 minutes, 5.04am, 26-3-08", number 3 appears twice. So altogether there are 3 number 3s. Yuna's Dan Sebenarnya, the song I'm listening to now as I'm typing this out, is the 3rd song in my playlist. The sum of 1, 4 and 2 is 7. The number 7 is the missing number in "13 minutes, 5.04am, 26-3-08" and Placebo's This Picture is the 7th song in my playlist.

I buzzed Bing online and he's watching Numbers on AXN.


Quote Me A Sonnet

Two People and A Couch

He asked me, "Would you like to go and see a clinical psychologist?"

I took a long pause... Dreaming of swimming in a rainbow pool of Prozac, Xanax, Valium, Zoloft, Lithium, Tramadol, Erimin, Subuxone, Stilnox, Nitrazepam, Lorazepam, and some sugar and spice. I thought about staring at the know-it-all doctor, reading every nuance of his poorly engineered body language. I thought about reading the script of what he'd say at least 2 minutes before it spits out of his mouth. I thought about the sky high fees he'd charge per hour, and imagined what I could buy with a few hundred Ringgit every hour. I thought about walking off at the end of the fruitless session and telling him, "Go to the wet market downtown, score yourself a tube, lose your mind, crawl through a breakdown, and then you're qualified to come talk to me".

After the longest silence, I said,

"Well... I think that wouldn't help much".

Lonely Letters

I miss reading.

An Ode to Everyone

"Hell is other people" - Sartre

Your Momma

Kadang-kadang mulut aku memang macam sial. Perkataan seperti fuck, fucking, fucker, motherfucker, takkan terlepas dari vocabulary aku. Bila aku melatah, hampir tiap-tiap kali aku akan tercakap,

"Eh mak kau babi"

Kalau tak pun,

"Eh mak kau puki"

Kalau tak pun,

"Eh mak kau cibai"

Aku dah basuh mulut berjuta kali, tapi tak berkesan jugak. Mungkin aku kena jampi?

But don't take it personally, I have nothing against your mother. Especially if she's hot.

Time of Your Life

My brother just completed secondary school and was scouting for colleges to enroll in. So, before anyone jumped the gun, I talked to both my parents and my brother to consider taking a year off and not rush into college. I felt that it was the best thing he could possibly do at that time to grow as a person. Because going for classes, handing in assignments and sitting for exam doesn't do that for you.

I've noticed through experience that the majority of college students lack the maturity and exposure to truly survive and thrive in school. It's odd really, seeing seemingly adult students not wearing uniforms but reflecting the image and way of thinking that of a secondary school kid. I thought to myself that something has got to be wrong somewhere when there is such an alarming number of cases like these. Isn't it odd when you know that so many of your friends and friends of friends have absolutely no idea what they're doing and where they're heading to? That most of them have no clue as to what they want out of life?

The root of the problem stems from the educational system, upbringing and culture. Our system teaches us to memorize facts, not think. Our system tells us what to do, not question why. Our system spoon feeds us, not to be proactive. And as a result the factories of substance-less so-called educational institutions of lacklustre quality produces clueless robots. How else do you explain the high unemployment rate among fresh graduates? How else do you explain the lack of human capital? How else do you explain highly skilled workers exporting their talents and trades overseas?

All these questions do not need any answer. It's been lying bare naked on the ground unnoticed and unquestioned for far too long. Queries need to be poked at to seek solutions to this pathetic epidemic. Changing a system that has been set in stone for decades is a pretty daunting task, to say the least. But there is always a way out, through, and over the problem. Which brings me back to the dialogue I had with my parents and my brother; to take a year off.

I remember how school was like. It was a safe, comfortable and fun environment. Despite being a curious reader of everything under the sun, I wasn't aware of anything much aside from that cocoon called adolescence. What you know or read or listen about is of no comparison to what you go through and learn and experience. College and university on the other hand is an entirely new, independent and free terrain. In that place we get to meet people from all walks of life and we're exposed to many, many more things, in the most general sense of the word. There is just such a big disparity of experiences between secondary school and university. Diving head first without adequate preparation can be pretty disastrous. 

Which is exactly why one too many students struggle during their college and university years. Simply because they didn't bridge that gap. It was a leap too soon, too rash, and too hasty. Taking time off gives an opportunity for those pimpled-face kids to put one foot in the real world, experience new things, meet new people, learn and be exposed to things they never thought even existed. Even a number of Ivy League universities in the States, including Yale, have proposed to give prospective students one year off before they enroll in their first year.

There's that time, that once in a lifetime chance, for them to do whatever the hell they feel like doing. Work, volunteer, travel, anything is possible. It's a time that they can afford to make mistakes, and learn from it themselves without getting an hour long lecture from the parental unit, without getting detention, without others telling and instructing them what's the right thing to do. It would be the first time in their lives that they experience what it feels like to be an adult, to be your very own person.

The world being as competitive as it is propels parents to push their kids through education as fast as possible and graduate as quick as possible with as many As as possible so they can kick start their career at as young of an age as possible. There's too many that have and are partaking in this ridiculous rat race to which the majority of the herd losses their way half of the time and the winners end up being a very vague (and sometimes pure lucky) minority. Which begs the question; has that always been the formula to success? If you say yes, I strongly suggest you slap yourself and forget whatever you've read because clueless robots suck.

If doing what's "normal" proves to be a path to success, then we would still be a non-Federated land under the imperial rule of the British, Islam would have never made it as a recognised religion, and we'd be at least a few hundred years behind because countless of other would've-been creators, innovators, revolutionaries, movers and shakers didn't take that road less taken, didn't thought outside of the box, and didn't go against the grain of order.

Mission Not So Impossible

A few years ago, some friends and I went downtown for a class assignment. On the way back we planned to get some DVDs to go back home and watch. We passed by a street vendor and decided to browse through. After what seemed like an hour or so, we got a bunch of stuff. Including porn. So we went home and put on the first CD. We waited and waited, and a guy come on screen. So, okay, and we waited some more. And another guy appeared. "Oh a menage a trois!", we thought. Complete oblivious fools we were, and we waited and waited like patient Buddhist monks. And suddenly, the both of them got naked and went into the bathtub. By then the rest of my friends shrieked like a bunch of high school girls and yelled in perfect unison "Shit! Gay porn!". So apparently those uber expensive "special" DVDs were fake after all. Fucking wankers.

I was pissed, to say the least. But, thankfully, I got his number. Instead of calling and screaming every profanity known to man, I waited till the next day. I went out, bought a DiGi prepaid number, added the DVD vendor's number to Friends & Family, and begun texting him.

After a few weeks of texting no less than 20-30 text messages of excerps from Bible verses, he messaged me back. "Gua cari lu punya keluarga gua bunuh semua! Pukimak lu! Lu ingat gua siapa!". And I continued on with more messages. One day, instead of getting a dial tone, I got a "The number you have dialed is not in service". Mission accomplished.

Last week, I got into an accident. Long story short, a massive trailer "bumped" into my car. On purpose. After exchanging some public theatrical display of middle fingers, we pulled over and I took down his plate number and phone number. I was having a bad week and that incident just completely fucking blew everything out of the water. But this time around I won't trouble myself like the last time with the "accidental" gay porn incident. I'll get others to do the work for me.

I'll create a profile and copy paste on a number of well-known transexual escort sites and gay dating pages. I'm also planning to go on mIRC and spread the number around a few very well-known gay channels. It's so easy to find a fuck there I shit you not. I'm thinking about about keeping that number, so in future whenever I fill out forms or in any case I need to give out my number, I'll use that number. Hence, more spamming.

Expect a lot of texts and calls from horny strangers looking for some cock. If that lorry driver happens to be single, gay and horny, he better thank me later in hell. If not, well, hopefully when I ring in a couple of months time I'd get a "Nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan".

Acoustic & Poetry at Lepaq

For the first time, Lepaq Performance Arts Cafe will be hosting Acoustic & Poetry @ Lepaq a unique showcase featuring acoustic music and poetry reading! This is a must watch for music and poetry lovers alike. And if you've never been to a show like this, why not make this the first time? New experiences are always refreshing and rejuvenating. There's always a chance for pleasant surprises. And yes, this Saturday night will be full of 'em.

Poets that will be gracing the stage tomorrow night are Dizzy & The, Adam Kasturi, Wani Ardy, Ashraf Ishak, Nafisah Nadirah and Zara Ismail.

Hope to see all of you there this coming Saturday night!

Of Vague Perceptions

How convenient it is to sit on the other side of the fence and pass judgement on a matter when you are completely oblivious about the fact that you don't fully comprehend the situation objectively, logically, rationally. Like a cat deciphering a conversation between two persons. Like a blind man painting a picture of the sunset. Like a schizophrenic talking about quantum physics. Like a book writing it's own fictional story.

Electric Angeland

Shai (1985-2008)

Rest well, my friend.

Would You Like to Blackmail Me?

There's a picture of me half naked covered in whipped cream. Another picture of me wearing nothing but a girl's hot pants. And another one of me half naked in a towel and my underwear on my head. And a mugshot of my bare ass bending over. All of which are not in my possession. Cun gila!

Yoga is Evil

"The National Fatwa Council will come out with a ruling on yoga exercise on Friday"

I get that Yoga is an important philosophical and spiritual component in Buddhism and Hinduism. And I get that Islam rejects worshiping idols and statues, and that most Hindu statues depicts their gods in a state of Yogic meditation (sitting crossed legs, with both hands rested on each knee). So, I suppose, that's the rationale behind National Fatwa Council's move to ban Muslims from practicing Yoga. It all boils down to the practice of Yoga's close links to the two religions. I mean, anything non-Muslim is pure evil right? Even though Buddhism is the only religion in the history of mankind to have never exercised violence in the name of religion, they're still pure evil. Right?

"When those involved take them as trends, such cultures can lead to a serious crime according to Syariah law and this can destroy the family institution", said Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz.

I have to agree with him. There is no doubt that practicing Yoga, sitting crossed legged like a Hindu god, stretching arms and legs, and controlling your breathing, will lead you astray from the teachings of Islam, castrate yourself from your family and the rest of Muslim brothers and sisters, and eventually shake the very foundations of Islam. Mimicking any action that is similar to anything other than Islam can "lead to a serious crime". It is also quite "trendy" to take up an activity such as Yoga, therefore this "cult" has a potential to convince Muslims to deviate from the teachings of Islam. Yes, stretching limbs and breathing can actually be that seductive, powerful and evil.

I would like to propose to the National Fatwa Council to include in a few more in their what-to-ban-next-because-we-ain't-got-shit-to-do list. These additions might help feed their boredom, those poor old foggies.

The Council should take these into account as well,

- Television
- Internet
- Non-Islamic clothing
- Magazines
- Music performances
- Cinemas
- Non-Islamic books
- Close relationships to non-Muslims
- Intimate conversations with non-Muslims
- and many, many, many, many, many, many more.

There are just too many things that are plaguing the Muslim community. The evil Western culture has infiltrated into the minds and souls of our young ones through mediums such as the Internet, television, magazines, and concerts. Even if you're an Ustaz or Ustazah with a vast knowledge of Islam and having an iman as tough as diamonds, demonic activities such as Yoga can still lead you astray and ultimately send you to Hell for all eternity.

Islamic councils worldwide must join forces and erase all these terrible, terrible demons (e.g. technology). We must save ourselves and our souls. For the sake of our family and fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

And the only way that we can ever flourish and eventually book a one-way ticket to Heaven is to nuke our asses back to the 4th century BC. Where our only form of amusement is juggling rocks, riding camels and peeing in the river. There won't be television nor the Internet to tarnish our beliefs. There won't be any dangerous activities to lead us astray.

Especially, Yoga.

p/s: Remember kids, if we ever become evil, it is never our fault, but always someone or something else's fault. Especially the kafirs.

Revisited: Escapism

We were sitting by the lake. I was listening to him talk about his past life, regrets and hopes for the future. He was playing some Bob Marley on the ragged old guitar. I sang along with his raspy voice and crisp strumming. At the middle of Redemption Song, he stopped. And he started to tell me a story,

"Dulu aku selalu busk dekat Central Market. Tiap-tiap hari kau akan nampak aku dekat main entrance, dekat Annexe, dekat dengan pasar, merata-rata. Dengan rambut aku sampai pinggang, gian macam nak mati, dengan tak mandi berminggu, busking pon pasal cari duit nak hisap fit. Orang ingat aku gila.

Tapi dia orang tak pikir. Orang gila mana boleh main Bob Marley. Robert Johnson. Pink Floyd. Black Sabbath masa zaman awal diaorang. Led Zep. Manusia memang bodoh kadang-kadang kalau kau nak tau. Anyway.

Kalau kau nak tahu, masa kau kecik dulu aku pernah duduk Europe. Banyak tahun jugak lah. Masa tu dalam 80an. Aku ada lah kerja sambilan situ-sini. Nak support my dream of being a professional musician. Lepas tu, satu hari, I just decided to leave. Aku pon dah lupa kenapa, tapi bottomline, aku ciao keluar dari Malaysia. Aku jual segala benda yang aku ada. Segalanya lah. Dengan satu backpack, aku dengan awek aku masa tu beli sepasang one way ticket to Europe.

Masa mula-mula tu memang syiok. Tinggal kat hostel murah, minum beer murah, jalan sana jalan sini. Lepas tu duit mula kurang. Sampai satu hari habis lesap semuanya.

Masa tu lah aku mula busking untuk cari duit. Europe memang banyak buskers. Banyak gila beb! Aku buat kawan dengan buskers dekat sana, lepas tu aku belajar lah dari diaorang sikit sebanyak. Dari situ aku travel and busk all over Europe. Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Bordeaux, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, fuck man everywhere!

Macam-macam aku dah experience kat sana. Seronok memang seronok, tapi kadang-kadang tu susah jugak. There were nights aku dengan awek aku terpaksa tidur dekat tepi jalan. By the riverbanks. Dekat taman. Tumpang tidur dalam brothels. Merempat sini sana. Bila duit sempit makan tak penting, asalkan ada beer! Anyway.

Lepas entah berapa tahun aku tak ingat kau jangan tanya aku, baru aku balik Malaysia. Masa tu lah orang start busking. Believe it or not, aku lah one of the first buskers kat KL. I shit you not bro. Kau tanya lah kawan baik aku tu, Amy Search. Dulu dia pon busker. Dalam bilik. Hahaha!

Dah gelap ni. Maghrib pon nak dekat. Jom pegi surau dulu."

Last Week was Funny

- Buddha Bar has a song that if you listen closely, you can hear the guy saying with complete intoxicated whisper, "kote... phun... kote... phul", again and again and again and again.

- There's also another song that's mixed with a traditional Malay song. I thought that was pretty cool.

- Please go to http://www.failblog.org. If not, you really do fail.

- A couple of Zuzu's photos appeared on http://www.koleksiawek.blogspot.com. At first I thought it was one of those sleazy sexmelayu sites, but it wasn't all that bad. The author even credited me for the photos.

- A's facebook status: "Human beings in general are nice... but I need to smile more often". B replied to the status saying, "Anjing". And A replied back, "You wanker. Cakap benda positif tak boleh. Aku harap kau cirit lagi malam ni. Keluar pacat".

- One of my most favourite, over-used teka teki; Why did the dinosaurs went extinct? And, the answer is, jeng jeng jeng, because Ultraman killed them all! Hm. Eh, laugh lah. Funny okay.

- And here's some more,

I have very amusing friends.

A car decided to "stop by" for a teh tarik at The Attap (formerly Uncle Don).

Dimanakah Bahasa Ibunda Kita?

Sometimes, I feel ashamed that I think and write in English.

Sara Aziz (1988-2008)

I came across some stories about her online.

It's a shame that I never got the chance to get to know her personally. Although I do remember adding her on flickr and we did correspond a little bit there, a long time ago. I can see now that we do have several mutual friends. What a small, small world. Coincidentally, she's also doing architecture and we also have a mutual passion, photography. What a loss, to someone so talented, so young. But of course, things like these are never a complete loss, partly thanks to the internet.

I can see now why I personally find it hard to escape the net. In Sara Aziz's story, the websites only now act as a shrine, a place where her passion and herself is now immortalized not only in virtual memory but also as a place that strangers like me are made aware of her existence. It saddens me so much that someone like her had to leave this world so early, so tragically.

Perusing through her pages I can feel that she's a person that is passionate, full of energy and above all, hopeful. Rarely do I come across a photographer's work, especially someone still fresh and new in the field, that is able to convey so much emotion into a photograph. Be it animate or inanimate. I added her on flickr because I thought she had so much potential, and I did admire her modest collection of work then, and all the more now. It's odd that I don't remember her from last year's Rantai. I only found out that she exhibited her work there after browsing through her blog just now.

I've lost a number of friends and family myself. And although I never got to know Sara on a personal level, but I do feel a loss. I do feel saddened. And I feel, in some level, the pain that her family and friends are going through. It's the most difficult thing in the world to lose someone you love. How terrible it must feel.

Sara, thank you for sharing yourself. If not because of this thing called the world wide web, I wouldn't have known you even existed. Your life and your passions will never be wasted. It is now forever immortalized, in virtual memory, and in the memory of family, friends and countless of random strangers.


Post-Acoustic Raya

Rashdan Harith
Rashdan Harith

Wani Ardy
Wani Ardy

Anis from Sundae
Anis (from Sundae)

Zee Avi (Kokokaina)
Zee Avi (formerly known as Kokokaina)

Hanis Arifin
Hanis Arifin

Cupcakes by Karl Hilton.

And I'm the unofficial penulis event details atas billboard.

This banner was done during the Buka Puasa event on 27th Sept. Warms my heart seeing this photo again :)

I can't believe I haven't signed on this yet. Kept of nyanyuk-ing.

The first group to arrive. Thank you so much for your support. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to your event :( Next time round I will I promise. I love you guys!

Inilah dia gambar orang buat kerja last minute dengan penuh gaya atas stage.

It's a modest sized place, but trust me, we have big things in store :)

"Beauty and the Beast" - Sam's very own words, not mine!

Remaja zaman sekarang... Ish ish ish. *geleng kepala*

Ray, Azrul, Zee, some hot chick, Alda, his girlfriend.

Farhan from Voce. A new up-and-coming acapella group.

Part of the crowd, almost maxed out at Lepaq and spilling onto the streets.

Zee + Zara = BFF.

I had one of the best Saturday nights of my life. It was much, much less tiring than the previous event, but it was so much better in so many ways. The line-up was superb, the performances were full of energy, the organization was less kelam kabut, the crowd was great, and we got many feedbacks from friends, performers and random guests that they had a great time. It's an amazing feeling to have accomplished what we have in such a short span of time.

It warms my heart seeing young, talented musicians being able to do what they love and having people appreciate them. Even if the number of crowd is rather modest, but, baby steps. What matters most is that we are doing something to help them, and in a way, to help to the local independent music scene to survive and grow further. People need to know that there are places like Lepaq Cafe and that there are actually many very, very talented musicians out there.

The only reason I'm doing all of this is out of faith and passion. It's an amazing feeling to know that you're part of a bigger picture, of a bigger and important cause. That even though all you're doing are mere ripples, but you are doing something. To make a difference, to progress, to help others.

Music have always been my passion. All the more music by my own countrymen. This truly is a dream come true. Even if this is only going to be a two, three, or merely several times affair. But it will surely stay with me for all time. This is a truly special time for me. The people I've met and the experiences I've gone through in this short frame of time have been nothing short of amazing.

Here's to, hopefully, better things to come. :)

Hari Bintang Jatuh

Para Senandung

Azmyl Yunor / Ana Raffali / Apple Juice
Bintang Batu / Captain G / From Cadillac To Geisha
Joshua Foong / Liyana Fizi / Rashdan Harith
Ray & Ash / Rendra Zawawi / Rina S.
The Fridays / The Siblings

Pencengkam Jiwa

Ashraf Ishak / Dianne Dayanna / Fynn Jamal
Nona Cici Suleiman / Shaira Amira
Wak Dol / Zahiril Adzim

Penglipur Lara

A collage of "Ke Hadapan Bintang Jatuh" confessions finally revealed.

Penghenti Masa

Independent photographers and artists confessing through their works.

Pasar Sabtu

Everything under one roof. The best reason to spend your duit raya!


Wani Ardy's Hari Bintang Jatuh is the official exhibition of a compilation of works from her brainchild, Mission Confession: Ke Hadapan Bintang Jatuh. I could safely say that this project is in some ways similar to Post Secret, but with a unique twist. Just so you know, this project is the first of its kind in Malaysia. To get to know more about Ke Hadapan Bintang Jatuh, click here.

For more information:

Contact numbers:
012-9072507 (Jasmin Ghazalli)
013-2243644 (Kerr Abdullah)




I will be participating in the photography exhibition (under my usual alias, Daniel Shinzu) and will also open a booth selling secondhand items like books, CDs, clothes, and a million other random nonsense. I'll also be tag-teaming with Not Frumpy, who will be selling an awesome, unique range of clothing items! Do visit their site for a sneak peak.

Hope to see all of you there!

Acoustic Raya Showcase at Lepaq Cafe

Lepaq Performing Arts Cafe is hosting an acoustic showcase especially for this month's Aidilfitri celebrations. Lepaq Cafe believes that our modestly sized venue is no hindrace to hold an acoustic gig with a line up as long as a mini Rock The World concert.

Starting from 6.00pm till late, over 20 performers will grace the stage and knock your pants off. With a rojak variety of singer songwriters, bands, a few songbirds and an acapella group, it would surely be an unforgettable night at Lepaq Cafe.

We will be selling our super finger licking good lemang and rendang. Come with an empty stomach and fill it up with our specially homemade Raya food! We only get to have lemang and rendang for a month in a year. Before this month ends, make the most out of it!

Kokokaina will be performing at Acoustic Raya @ Lepaq!

Rendra Zawawi and Izzy Mohamed will be selling their EPs there! Be sure to bring some spare cash ;)

Acoustic Raya @ Lepaq is proudly supported by Don't Panic Malaysia.


Here's to better things to come for Yuna. She truly is a rare breed. If you ever got to know her, you'd find that who she is as a person and her music is one and the same thing. Honest and pure in every way possible. You don't find that kind of quality much in music these days.

Come on over to KLPAC this Sunday 13th October at 3pm. Last I heard there's only about less than 100 tickets available. RM25 entrance fees includes cover charge and one copy of Yuna EP. Opening acts by Otam and Sundae. Both are must, must watch performers. So what are you waiting for? Beg, borrow, steal some dough and head over to Indicine this coming Sunday!

This video was shot last year at Zouk's Terrace Bar during Raw on Stage for Live & Loud. That night was officially the first time I saw her perform live and the first time we met after disappearing from each other's radar for more than a year. It was quite a night.

Dan Sebenarnya at Raw on Stage, Terrace Bar, Zouk. December 2007:

Deeper Conversation at Layar Tanchap, Shah Alam. January 2008:

Eventide and in the Morning (Revisited)

I can still vividly remember hearing the takbir Raya for the first time. I was a few years old back then when we were still living in Taman Putra. It was very early in the morning, just as the sun was rising, at an unusual time for me to be up. Wandering around the house half awake and groggy, I heard a faint sound coming from the outside.

Out of curiosity, I walked to the locked front door to peer outside and inspect what that sound was and where was it coming from. I looked around and saw people with white jubah, baju melayu, and white telekung walking towards the nearby mosque. I clutched the cold grills with both hands, with complete childlike wonder, peering further into that faint, mysterious sound.

And then it came. Floating frighteningly, rapidly, soothingly through the peaceful still morning air. The serene music sent tiny ripples throughout my body. A million goosebumps erupted on my skin and sent a sudden shiver down my spine. That was how I felt the first time in my life that I heard the takbir Raya. Years and years have since passed, and it still gives me that same feeling from that morning in Taman Putra. That sensation that resonates and uplifts me like nothing else. A sense of peace and melancholic serenity.

I've never heard of any sound, any song, any music, more beautiful than that. And I know I'll never hear anything else that will sound any more beautiful than that.

(I've posted this before, but I think this is a more appropriate time for this post)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of you.
Hope you'll have a spectacular time getting fat on ketupat and rendang.
I know I will.

"Ornament your Eid celebrations with the Taqbir" - Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


Takkan lagi aku menunggu
Kau hadir di dalam mimpi-mimpiku
Puasku mengharapkan dirimu
Seperti mereka yang punya cinta
Diriku tanpa dirimu kau tempuhi penuh bahagia
Diriku mahu kau tahu
Pedih ini kau tak terasa
Warkahku mengharapkan dirimu
Seperti yang aku kenali dulu
Setiaku menantikan dirimu
Seperti setianya terhadap diriku
Tapiku melepaskan mu
Melangkah namun tak berdaya
Terusku terus menunggu
Cinta yang takkan pernah ada...


"On the night of the Lailatulqadar, the Archangel Gabriel leads a group of angels and sweeps down the Earth. They would scour the lands and whisper prayers to every living Muslim brothers and sisters. The Archangel Gabriel has 100 wings, but two of which he only opens once every year during the Holy Night. And on the Holy Night of the Lailatulqadar, the angel Gabriel would spread his two sacred wings so wide that it covers the Earth from East to West."

The taklim Subuh was read in Bahasa, of course. It was difficult trying to remember what was said on that early morning. I can only vaguely remember the story. The sun was rising, the air was cold, quiet, calm. Everyone was half asleep, including me. I can't recall from which Hadith was the story taken from. But I do remember that it is one of the very few that really struck and stuck with me.

Buka Puasa BBQ at Lepaq Cafe

It's not always that you can have an all-you-can-eat buka puasa BBQ buffet while listening to live music, no? Well, if you have RM20+ (that's only like 2 RM10 prepaid topups) and a bit of time to spare before packing off to balik kampung, do drop by Lepaq Cafe at Desa Hartamas this coming Saturday on the 27th September from 6.30pm to 10.30pm!

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There will be acoustic performances by Radzlan, Arabella, Hanis & Friends, Voce (acapella), Miss Daya, Chot Ali and the Bandbin (formerly of Bau, must see!) and Captain G. And special guest performances by Ray CheongRendra Zawawi and many more! Plus, the event will be covered by TV3's Remaja and sponsored by Don't Panic Malaysia! For those who have RSVP-ed confirmed there will be door gifts waiting for you on that day.

For you Facebookers, do check out the event page at Jom Berbuka & berBBQ @ Lepaq Cafe. If you don't have a Facebook account, contact Zara (016-2366617/017-3024840) or Atraz (019-3136915). Come on come all! Bring your friends, family, pets, anybody and everybody!

p/s: here is Ray Cheong playing John Mayer's Gravity, a must see, enjoy!

Mrs and Mrs Ronson

They look like the happiest, most unlikely match I've ever seen. This is one thing I love about celebrity gossips; the norms they live by in Hollywood seems so otherworldly and flat out insane to the rest of us. This might just be one of the few news these days that really caught my attention. Mrs Mean Girls with a female DJ. Bisexual scandal? I can accept that. But marriage? Hot damn.

There's hardly any faith in celebrity marriages to actually last. That goes without saying. But I think that "norm" in tempestuous and often fleeting celebrity marriages is becoming a norm among regular Joes like the rest of us. With divorce rates getting ever so higher each year, it does seem like a worrying trend. Maybe going gay is the way. Is it that hard to find love these days?

I sure hope it's an obsolete truth, not an absolute one.

Remember Remember the 16th of September

Surely I'm not the only one anxiously waiting for 16th September. Or 20th September for that matter. Or am I?

Since Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim returned to politics, I must say, things have been rather... entertaining. In the most scariest way possible. It begun, I believe, from the BERSIH rally last year. Then came the HINDRAF rally. We all know what happened on both days. Peaceful protesters armed with nothing more than a yellow t-shirt, banners and their voices met with police with full riot gear, tear gas and chemical laced water cannons. Both by which were covered extensively by local and foreign media. Attracting attention from prominent international medias like CNN, BBC, and Al-Jazeera to name a few.

The next milestone, and a milestone it was, happened on 8th March 2008. Fastforward to a few decades, you might flip Utusan Malaysia one day and find a short write up on that day under the column of Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah. Since the historic year of 1969, Barisan Nasional has never conceded it's 2/3 majority votes. The Opposition parties managed to capture over 37% of the majority votes, which translates to capturing 82 out of 222 parliamentary seats. To add salt on a bad enough wound, 5 out of 31 states was won over by the Opposition parties. It was, for lack of a better word, unprecedented.

To say Barisan Nasional faired terribly would be an extreme understatement. In the previous 2004 election, Pak Lah headed UMNO (who we all know to be the de facto ruler of Barisan Nasional thus the de facto ruler of the country) together with MCA, MIC, DAP, Gerakan, PPP, PBB, LDP and other parties from Sabah and Sarawak, and literally bulldozed through the elections to win a historic popular votes of over 90%. They won over 64% of majority votes by securing 198 out of 219 parliamentary seats.

When you compare both results from 2004 and 2008, it is even more evident how huge of a gap it really is. In that span of 4 years, Pak Lah and Barisan Nasional as a whole somehow managed to piss off the rakyat well enough to lose over 58 seats, 400,000 popular votes, 5 states and decreased the popular votes percentage from 90% to a mere 50.4%. So, can things get any worse than that? Well, of course it can. And of course it did.

On the 25th of May 2008, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Ahmad announced that there will not be any fuel price hike. Twenty million sighs of relief. About one week after that, Datuk Shahrir Ahmad then said that they government plans to raise the price of fuel in August. Twenty million cusses and swears and collective shouts of "Macam sial!" and "Haram jadah!" and "Tiu!" and "Punani!" and, well, you get the picture. And then comes my favourite part. On the very next day, our beloved Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi cooly announces that the price of petrol will be increased to RM2.70 per litre as of midnight. Tadaa! Complete pandemonium.

With the price of oil rising, pardon me, skyrocketing, all prices of consumer goods took a turn for the worse. In such a short period of time, the overall cost of living shot up like never before. The construction industry was hit worst when the price of concerete and steel went over the roof, with the price of steel increased to over 100%. In addition, the government announced that electricity tariffs will be revised on the 1st of July. It was probably a typo on their part because they meant to say "rised" not "revised".

People started to protest, through the web and on the streets, albeit in small numbers (there were also protesters protesting against protesting during that time, which I found amusing to no end). The reverberation can be heard through mamak stalls to cubicles to classrooms and to sidewalks. As a response, the government agreed to a debate on July 15th between Dato' Shabery Cheek and Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim over the current oil price increase issue. Millions of people saw the live debate and we can all objectively judge that, with all due respect, Dato' Shabery Cheek got served by Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. So, that didn't pan out too well for the government.

And then Raja Petra wrote an article on Malaysia Today claiming that the Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak was involved with the murder of Altantuya. And then Raja Petra got arrested, for the gazillioth time. And then Dato' Seri Najib went to Masjid Jamek to swear that he has never met nor had anything to do with Altantatuya. And then came the sodomy case against Dato' Seri Anwar. And then he went to the Turkish Embassy to sought shelter and protection. And then he said otherwise, "Oh it was only a friendly visit,". And then came the whole DNA fiasco, the police asking for it but he refused to give any sample for fear that it might be tampered with. And then Pak Lah said the DNA they obtained from him during the 1998 trial expired (well I wonder how DNA from dinosaurs who died hundreds of thousands of years ago manages to be extracted). And then Saiful Bukhari Azlan went to the mosque to swear that he really did got fudgepacked. And then later that same imam who conducted his swearing made a public statement that such swearing is not legal in Islam and that he had in fact been forced by his superiors to do it.

By that time, I burnt all my newspapers and ran to the toilet and profusely vomitted blood from over consumption of all those nauseating nonsense politics smeared all over the news. And I can't even begin talking about independent online news and amatuer political scientist wannabe blogs. It was all getting a tad bit too entertaining for me. But of course, I'm a sucker for sensational stories and followed on anyway. Nauseating, vomitting blood and all.

There were too much crap going on at that time with too many different parties going berserk, pointing fingers and shifting blame to different sides that I'm not going to bother much on the insane amount of conflicting details in between.

The most recent case involving Dato' Ahmad Ismail making racist statements, I believe, is one of the main highlights in today's local political circus. I find his actions too abhorrent to call him Dato', so I'm just going to call him Ahmad. His apparent arrogance and refusal to use any measure of common sense speaks volumes of his character. What he did was callous, irresponsible, extremely disrespectful, and downright stupid. In fact, his statements was so stupid that I can bet my pants that Dato' Seri Anwar threw him a bag of cash to say what he said. The only defense he can possibly use can be found in the claim that whatever that was said was mentioned in the context of history. Well, even that is hardly any defense because clearly he got his historical facts wrong.

Even if he really was quoting history, what is he trying to say? Is it because the fact that your great-great-great-grandparents were immigrants makes you an immigrant too, thus rendering you less special than the oh-so-special Malays? Despite the fact that you arrived in Malaysia through the womb of your mother in a local hospital, say Hospital Assunta in Petaling Jaya, and your birth certificate says you are a Malaysian citizen. Despite the fact that during pre-Merdeka days many other non-Malays also fought for independence and contributed to the well-being of our country. Despite the fact that Chinese people make up to over 30% of the population but commands over 60% of the country's economic chart. Or maybe he was just trying to tell your dead great-great-great-grandparents to get out of Malaysia? Or maybe he was telling everyone including himself to get out of the country? Because according to historical and anthropological facts, our ancestors were all immigrants.

Is he deliberately trying to incite racial conflicts and consequently spark another May 13? His actions at a time like this, all the more with showcause letters thrown to The Sun, Sin Chew Daily and Suara Keadilan and arrests under ISA of Raja Petra, Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew Reporter Tan Hoong Cheng really does cast an eeriely familiar image to Operasi Lalang. After deeply insulting and pissing off over 8 million Chinese people, who most of which have stopped supporting Barisan Nasional and reverted to the other side (as the recent 2008 General Elections did prove), wouldn't this be the time to cool the waters and do everything possible to repair the damage done? Wouldn't arresting an extremely famous and influential blogger (who have loyal followers from all races, with a sizable chunk of Chinese supporters), a popular Chinese MP, and a Chinese reporter from a Chinese daily, would ultimately piss them (and not to mention countless other people from various races as well) to no end a million times more? It could only be either stupidity at its supreme best or a political ploy. I vote the latter.

So, could Ahmad's inflammatory statements, showcause letters and detentions under ISA be small embers that the government is fanning, with hopes that it will invariably fire up racial clashes? If you remember, recently there was a statement released by the head of police that they will take action against those that will threaten the stability of the country. Well, if that ever happens, Pak Lah could easily declare a state of emergency, deploy the troops and stop Sept 16/20th to ever happen, and in doing so seize complete control over the country. For one that will be diverting attention away from all the recent political fiasco and take the limelight away from Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Also, how else do you take control over millions of people who oppose you? You don't use mere words, you use guns. And naturally the political rhetorics, false promises and brainwashing would come later. History, tragically at times, does repeat itself. If the worse does happen this time, let it be without blood.

And what about the 40 MPs who got sent to Taiwan literally days before 16th September to study agriculture? Isn't it such a convinient time? Why now instead of last month or rather last year? Interestingly enough, the number of MPs who got sent there almost equals the number of MPs that Dato' Seri Anwar said will cross over to Pakatan Rakyat come 16th September. At the same time, 4 representatives from Pakatan Rakyat was also sent there to study agriculture. Oh I'm sorry, I meant to say "study", not study. The best part is both parties from the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are staying at the same hotel. The timing of it all, and the surface facts, doesn't it all smell a little too fishy? Even Homer Simpson can sniff it from a mile away.

In between all that, we hear news that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, Tengku Razaleigh, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, and a few others had a private meeting with Tun Mahathir to persuade the former prime minister to return to UMNO. They are hoping that Tun Mahathir's voice would be heard, to revive UMNO, unite the Malays, and persuade Pak Lah to step down. There is also talks that Tun Mahathir will be supporting Tengku Razaleigh who is planning to contest the UMNO Presidency seat soon. There is also news that Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir will be contesting the seat for UMNO Youth Leader. Tan Sri Muhyiddin has already pissed off Pak Lah by saying that he should rethink the much discussed 2010 leadership change plans. Not to mention numerous other UMNO members from the grassroots level to way up in the Cabinet calling for Pak Lah's resignation. With so much internal conflicts within UMNO, it's all too obvious that things in UMNO are really shaking up. This might just be UMNO, and Barisan Nasional's, weakest and most unstable time ever in history.

Everything that have transpired since BERSIH rally to today and taking it all into consideration, I don't blame Dato' Seri Anwar for rushing to snatch the prime minister seat. This is the best time for him to do so. Not that I support his cause in any way, by the way. It is all too obvious that he is power crazy, that he is doing everything and anything it takes to become the next Prime Minister. If not, why the rush? Why not settle in, do some good, prove yourself, show concrete results, and then contest for the next General Elections? Political talk and rhetorics can only last for so long. He has a tendency to talk differently on different matters of different political ideologies with different races of people who have different political inclination. If you want to refute that claim, talk to those who has attended all of his campaign talks. Better yet, those who has seen him talk at 3-4 various locations in a single day. If you can't find one, go and get his talks on CD or DVD. There's more than enough proof there. That in itself screams of hypocrisy and manipulation.

Not to mention when he boldly claimed that over 40 MPs have signed papers and agreed to crossover. You don't need to be a genius to see the word "bribery" stamped all over it. Everyone knows all too well how corrupted this country is, from the private sector to the government. And we all know that the most corrupted of all is in the arena of politics. It would not make any sense for a politician to make such a drastic move without being given any substantial monetary gains. Think about it. Even someone as charming and manipulative as Dato' Seri Anwar cannot in any way persuade those MPs to cross over by just moving his lips. His overseas bank accounts has to also move. Now, in today's day and age, in a country called Malaysia that is rife with corruption, how else do you convince 40 politicians to betray their own party and join an opposition party without a single cent involved? Well, say, RM50 million each to jump ship? In the end of the day, everyone has a price. And the scariest thing about corruption is that it works so well.

That's kacang putih for Dato' Seri Anwar, since over RM3 billion just recently came in from the United States from several private parties to fund his political goals. Not to mention billions of dollars of his own money, most of which are placed in offshore accounts. That piece of 3 billion dollar news is of no surprise seeing how close he has always been to the United States. He gets headline news like no other Malaysian politician. He has been interviewed, given talks and speeches, countless more times than any other local politician. Even his Permatang Pauh victory was a headline feature on CNN, as well as few other major international medias. Better yet, you can even skip all that and look at his close ties to Paul Wolfowitz. His name is synonymous with IMF, Neoconservatism, George Bush, War on Iraq, and Israel. So, go figure.

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is most definitely not the "cleanest" man nor politician for that matter. Since his days as Minister of Finance, he has managed to cash in billions worth of projects for himself and his cronies. There are lots of facts to this claim, if only you'd look closer. For starters, take a closer look at Agro Bank. And do I even need to begin talking about the 1998 currency crisis and how he supported IMF and tried persuading Tun Mahathir to borrow money from them to solve the country's woes? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

There's a lot of boring economic facts in it which I couldn't be bothered to get into (just Google it you lazy mofo). Just look on the surface, even if you happen to be a bit daft, just look at our neighbouring countries who accepted IMF and look at those who did not and just fended off on their own in their own ways. Though of course to be objective you need a closer look at their economic strength and financial reserves. But trust me, you'll arrive at the same conclusion. That, yes, IMF would've been a catastrophic idea. And there you had Dato' Seri Anwar who happens to be the Finance Minister who happens to be close friends to the United States who happens to be the one running the show for IMF. Suspicious much?

There's a lot more that I can say about him and Parti Keadilan Rakyat. But it's already time for sahur and I should be getting to bed soon. So I'll save this political bashings for next time then. If you notice, I'm hardly biased and I don't believe in discrimination. I don't just bash one side, dua-dua pun aku hentam. What does Shakira's hips and truth have in common? Jeng jeng jeng. They both don't lie.

To be continued later at a not-so-ungodly time.

Disclaimer: I am a supporter of no other party other than my own. In my room, a disco ball, some Electrohouse, a pole and you. E-mail me, baby.